PACE Terminal Grievance Mechanism


The PACE Terminal LLC (PT) is working proactively toward preventing grievances from affected community and through the implementation of impact mitigation measures and community liaison activities that anticipate and address potential issues before they become grievances.


Anyone can submit a grievance to the PACE Terminal LLC (PT) if they believe a practice is having a detrimental impact on the community, the environment, or on their quality of life. Grievances could include:

Issues related to impacts on nearby residents.

Negative impacts on a person or a community

Dangers to health and safety or the environment.

Failure to comply with standards or legal obligations.

Harassment of any nature.

Criminal activity.

Improper conduct or unethical behavior by PT personnel or by PT security personnel

Financial malpractice or impropriety or fraud.

Attempts to conceal any of these.


Grievances should go directly to the PACE Terminal LLC as project owner. The channels for submitting grievances are:  direct web submittals, postal address, email address, and the dedicated telephone line.  


Guram Erkomaishvili, Environment, Health and Safety Manager,

PACE Terminal LLC,

61 Agmashenebeli St., Poti, 4401 Georgia  

Tel.:+(095) 599 978 755
or E‑mail:


Upon receipt, each grievance will be reviewed and it will be decided whether it will be taken into further consideration, where it will be sorted and investigated in accordance with the internal procedure for Grievance Resolution Process.

Grievance Resolution Process

In case the grievance is not connected to the project activity or in case the PACE Terminal LLC finds that all work is consistent with applicable Georgian and international standards, the grievance will not be further processed. When this occurs, this will be explained in writing to the person who submitted the grievance.


In all other cases, the PACE Terminal LLC, in consultation with other authorities as needed, will investigate whether there has been a failure to work to standards and if so, to identify measures to prevent the incident from occurring again. In general, grievances will be resolved as described below.


Step 1: Receive Complaint

Once the PACE Terminal LLC receives a letter or is otherwise notified of a potential problem, they will assign someone to be responsible for resolving the grievance, including notifying other responsible authorities of the issue.


Step 2: Acknowledgement

The contact person will acknowledge receipt of a grievance by letter within 10 working days of having received the grievance. The acknowledgement will specify a contact person, their reference indicator, and an anticipated target date for resolution.


Step 3: Investigation

The PACE Terminal LLC contact person or CLO will work to understand the cause of every grievance. They may need to contact the claimant during this time. During this phase, the PACE Terminal LLC will determine whether the grievance is related to the project, and if so whether the problem was caused by a failure to meet Georgian or international standards.


If the problem was indeed caused by a failure to meet standards, the PACE Terminal LLC will determine if this was a one-time occurrence or if there is an underlying problem with project activities. The responsible person will coordinate modifications to project activities as necessary to meet standards and avoid future problems, and for ensuring that project management and workers are properly counseled and trained to avoid future recurrences of the problem.


Step 4: Resolution

Once PACE Terminal LLC’s specialists have investigated a grievance and determined the proper course of action, CLO will write to the claimant and disclose the results of the investigation and of the proposed course of action, if any. If the person who submitted the grievance considers the issue to be satisfactorily resolved, they will be asked to sign a Statement of Satisfaction. If the grievance remains unresolved it will be reassessed and there will be further dialogue with the claimant to determine if there are any further steps which may be taken.


Step 5: Follow Up

The PACE Terminal LLC may contact the claimant at a later stage to ensure that the activities continue to pose no further problems. If there is a remaining problem, the issue will be treated as a new grievance and re-enter the process.



Confidentiality and Anonymity

In case the claimant does not disclose his identity to the PACE Terminal, it may make it more difficult to look into the matter, to protect claimant’s position, or to give feedback. In order for any anonymous report to be taken seriously, the anonymous grievance will need to include sufficient facts and data to enable the investigative team to look into the matter without any further assistance.






Reference No:                                               APPENDIX 1 – SAMPLE GRIEVANCE FORM


Full Name


Note: you can remain anonymous

if you prefer or request not to

disclose your identity to the third

parties without your consent



First name _____________________________________


Last name _____________________________________


❏I wish to raise my grievance anonymously

❏I request not to disclose my identity without my consent


Contact Information


Please mark how you wish to

be contacted (mail, telephone,




❏By Post: Please provide mailing address:




❏By Telephone: ____________________________________

❏By E‑mail ________________________________________


Description of Incident

or Grievance:


What happened?  




Where did it happen?




Who did it happen to?




What is the result of the problem?



Date of Incident/Grievance



❏One time incident/grievance (date _______________)


❏Happened more than once (how many times? ________________)


❏On‑going (currently experiencing problem)

What would you like to

see happen to resolve

the problem?






Please return this form to:


Guram Erkomaishvili,  Environment, Health and Safety Manager,

PACE Terminal LLC,

61 Agmashenebeli St., Poti, 4401 Georgia  

Tel.:+(095) 599 978 755
or E‑mail: